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Lottery Jackpot onlineWhat Happens After I Have Won?

This of course is one of the most important questions: what happens if you win the lotto jackpot online? What is the procedure here to get paid? Are my winnings safe? Rest assured that with Wintrillions, you will get paid, no matter how much you win. Wintrillions not only buys the lottery ticket in your name and sends it to you (you will get an email containing a scan of the ticket). Wintrillions will also assist you in cashing in on your lotto win when you have won with the ticket you bought online.

Well of course you are playing to win the lottery jackpot! Even when the chances of hitting the jackpot seem to be rather small, people do win all the time. So why not you?

If you do win, Wintrillions will send you a form that you have to fill out to claim your winnings from the lotto commission. This is important so that the lotto commission can identify you as the person who is the legal winner of the lotto jackpot. The lotto commission will then issue a check in the won amount, and you can take your lottery jackpot win to your bank.

But you do have to be aware that in the most cases, if you win the big lotto jackpot, the lotto commission will ask you to come to pick up your winner's cheque in person. So if you win a lotto jackpot online, you may have to travel to collect your Jackpot check. That can be quite a trip, depending on where you reside. Wintrillions makes it possible for everyone in the World to play and win any of the big lottery jackpots online, no matter which country he or she resides in. So for example a lotto lover from China can win the USA Powerball Lottery Jackpot online, and get paid via Wintrillions. Then, of course, he would have to fly to the USA to collect his big checque in person. But it is rather safe to assume, that this is one voyage that everybody will be happy to make!

As you can see, the services of Wintrillions are based on a customer firendly concept. All you have to do is pick your lottery from our website, pick your jackpot lottery winning numbers, sign up and pay via Wintrillions and they will take care of all the rest, including making sure that your lottery jackpot online win is actually paid out to you!

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