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Online Ticket Service

buy lotto tickets onlineHere's how it works: RedFoxLotto offers a courier service for international lotto tickets. You choose the lottery you want to play online, then you pick your numbers online. If you would prefer to have your lotto numbers picked by a random number generator, you can do that too. Once you have decided on your numbers, sign up for an account with RedFoxLotto and choose a method to pay for your lotto ticket. There are several secure payment methods available. RedFoxLotto then buys the ticket for you and sends you a confirmation email as proof of your purchase.

If you win, RedFoxLotto will process your claim by forwarding your payout request to the lottery company, which will then issue you a check. If you do win a big jackpot, you may be required to show up at the lottery headquarters in person. Not a problem, right? Smaller wins up to 2500 € will be added to your RedFoxLotto account right away, and you can either cash them out or use the funds to buy more lotto tickets.