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Best Lotto Systems and Softwares

If you would like to improve your chances op winning big in the lottery, then you should consider spending some money on a good lotto systems software product. Those softwares cannot guarantee you a jackpot win, but they do make sense if you play lotto a lot. There are dozens of lotto softwares and systems out there, and most of them are a waste of money and time. WE have tested a number of those softwares and come up with a few recommendable products.

What are those lotto systems softwares all about?

All those lotto systems and softwares are about two things: trying to predict the winning numbers of the next draws of the various lotteries, and coming up with system numbers for those lotteries which allow you to pick more numbers than the numbers that will be drawn.

Basically, the programmers of those softwares are constantly monitoring the numbers drawn in all those big lotteries World-wide, and they keep track of those numbers which have been drawn more often in a specific lottery, and especially of those numbers which have NOT come up in a specific lottery.

Those lotto systems are based on the mathematical principle of probability which implicates that over a long string of coincidental events, all possible outcomes will happen equally often. That means that if 6 numbers out of 49 are drawn in each lotto draw twice a week over 20 years (e.g. in a total of app. 2000 draws), each number should – in theory – be drawn approximately 240 times. The (simplified) math would here be 2000 draws * six numbers drawn / by 49 numbers total.

The conclusion is that if a number has not been drawn for a longer period of time, the probability of that number popping up in the next draw increases. At the same time, numbers which have been drawn lately have a lesser chance of being drawn for a second time.

The lotto systems software programmers keep track of all drawn numbers (for each international lottery separately!) and give recommendations for the next draw, based on their database and a mathematically sound system.

Which are the best lotto systems softwares available online?

After testing a number of them, there are three products that can be recommended. All of them are worth their money, and you do not have to spend too much money on them – actually they are all around $39,00 to 49,00. This is a one-time investment, the updating of the numbers databases  and all software updates are already priced in here. They can be easily downloaded within seconds, and payment can be made using Paypal or credit card.

Nr. 1 lotto systems software:  Formula 1 Lotto System
This software was developed by a math professor of World-famous MIT university. It is a little bit more expensive than the rest at $49, but it is certainly the most recommendable system. It comes with a money-back guarantee.

The other lotto software products:

Ken Silver’s Multi-Million Silver Lotty System

The Inverted Lottery System

Beat The Lotto