Biggest Jackpots at Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casinos with sizeable jackpots 

People don’t realize that Bitcoin jackpots can be big too. Maybe not as big as jackpots at mainstream gambling sites, such as the one recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, but they can be big enough to make you a rich person. A Bitcoin Casino jackpot can reach thousands of bitcoins, which in dollars can mean more than $10 million.
With the rise of the price of one bitcoin, which is at a record level currently, so is the value of Bitcoin jackpots rising. If a Bitcoin jackpot was worth $500,000 yesterday, its value may skyrocket to $750,000 in just a couple of days depending on the exchange rate fluctuations. This is what makes bitcoins very attractive.

The First Big Jackpot

The first big Bitcoin jackpot recorded was paid out in 2013. In fact, the same guy won two record-breaking Bitcoin jackpots for that time. A player known as Nakowa cashed out around 11,000 bitcoins in a single weekend which amounted to $1.3 million in those days. No one knows if the guy was a cheater or simply a very lucky player.
What was a profitable gambling site was turned into a loser by Nakowa? This player started very badly losing 7,000 bitcoins and making a profit for the operator of around $862,400. But, thanks to his fearlessness, Nakowa continued playing and caused the operator to go 2,000 bitcoins in the red.

Current Bitcoin Jackpots

Earlier this year, a player hit the Bitcoin news with a big jackpot win. A Bitcoin casino had to pay 259.74 BTC to a player, which was equivalent to €259,399 at the time of winning. The same casino recorded another massive payout three years ago when a player hit a 765.65 BTCs jackpot with a 0.2 BTC bet.
Another landmark was hit this year when a hit a 160 BTC jackpot in a single spin on the slot Troll Hunters. If he decided to exchange his bitcoins that day, he would have got $255,000. There are more similar cases where Bitcoin players have made small fortunes at Bitcoin gambling sites, but the mainstream media is still not attracted to news related to the Bitcoin currency.

Some of the more popular Bitcoin casinos at the moment have some massive progressive jackpots going on. If hit, we could easily have a new contender for the Guinness Book of Records. For example, at the moment one of the biggest Bitcoin casinos has a progressive jackpot of 9,400 BTC. This jackpot is growing each day and will be growing until one lucky player hits it.

With the price of one bitcoin at the moment, 9,400 BTC equals to stunning $14,800,000 million! Stop for a moment and think about this number. Another also big Bitcoin casino has a progressive jackpot of 9,100 waiting to be won, which is equal to $14,100,000! Think about these numbers for a moment too!