Buy lottery tickets online with Paypal

Paypal as pament option for online lottery tickets

When you are looking at your options on how to play international lotteries online, the ticket service of is your best choice. And that choice has now become even better – because they now accept Paypal as an option for payment. That is an additional element of security and trust for you. It is also very convenient.

Most people who purchase items online already have a Paypal account, and if you do not, then maybe it is time to register and get an account. This is not only for those who use eBay. There are tons of online shops and online service providers out there allowing you to pay with your Paypal account. If you buy stuff online frequently, having a Paypal account is just as important as having a credit card, or a bank account for that matter.

As a matter of fact, Paypal diligently checks every website that offers Paypal payment, and the fact that RedFoxLotto is allowed to use Paypal also should tell you something about the trustworthiness of this online lotto service.

Deposit and withdraw via Paypal

Depositing and paying for your ticket purchase works in a very straightforward manner on RedFoxLotto. But you can also cash out your winnings back into your Paypal account. Of course, if you win larger amounts of money, the customer service of RedFoxLotto will contact you about your cashout. Due to the fees that Paypal charges for every transaction, a bank transfer will most probably be favorable for you. By the way, when you make a purchase, the transaction fees are being paid by, not by you.

Country restrictions

Residents of some countries are excluded from the services of Paypal, but the majority of countries will not be a problem. We suggest that you check with Paypal since their rules and regulations are subject to change.

Which lotteries can I buy tickets for via Paypal and RedFoxLotto?

Your Paypal payment is not restricted to any specific lottery. All lotto jackpots available on RedFoxLotto can be played with a ticket paid with Paypal. The list of lotteries includes Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Eurojackpot, El Gordo, Superenalotto, and many more.