La Primitiva Spain

La Primitiva Online

la primitiva onlineSpanish lotteries have always captured the imagination of many and La Primitiva is no exception. And now you can buy a ticket for La Primitiva online. Previously, La Primitiva was only limited to Spanish citizens, however, with the spread of communications, it has moved on to the next generation and is offered to everyone over 18 years of age by RedFoxLotto. The La Primitiva Loto can now be played online. It is one of the major European lotteries and comes with massive prizes.

If you  want to buy a ticket for the La Primitiva lotto online and you do not live in Spain, the only option you have would be to register at RedFoxLotto. With many clients from across the world, RedFoxLotto delivers the best services to you, which includes buying the ticket to La Primitiva on your behalf, helping you with selecting the numbers and making sure that the prize money is delivered safely to you.

Why play the La Primitiva Online

The La Primitiva Online draws at the and of every month in a stark difference to most llotteries drawing twice or even three times a week. This gives time for the ticket sales to accumulate, thus pushing up the reward money. The main prizes of La Primitiva Online thus begin with 84 million and push into 100 millions more often than not. Every lotto gamer participating in the La Primitiva Online has 1 to 6 odds of winning a cash prize.

Also called the El Gordo de la Primitva, the La Primitiva Online promises to make more millionaires than any other lottery in the world. It promises over 13,000 rewards to the participants.

How to play the La Primitiva Online

Once you select the numbers the draw is made using two different containers that contain wooden balls. One digit of the number is drawn from each of these containers and every number you match wins a reward. One of the containers contains balls in excess of 10,000 and the other container contains only the special numbers.

In addition to the regular monthly draws, the La Primitiva Online also offers three other special draws during the year – San Ildefonso, held in summer (July), the El Nino held in the month of January and the Christmas El Gordo Primitiva drawn on the 22nd of December.

By far, one of the biggest lotteries in terms of rewards offered, the La Primitiva Online is the most sought after among the many lotto jackpots you can play via RedFoxLotto. There is no reason to lose hope or opportunity even if you do not live in Spain. You can play from anywhere in the world if you are over 18 years of age.

Once you get your tickets from RedFoxLotto, and select your lucky numbers using the lottery numbers generator, RedFoxLotto will make sure that a representative buys tickets on your behalf and ships them to you.

Why wait, when the odds are 1 to 6. There is probably is no other lottery in the world that offers such good odds. Get your ticket today!