UK Lottery

Lottery UK Online Overview

The UK Lottery is a popular game for its ability to make millionaires. It can be played online as well. The game is drawn twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

How the UK Lottery Works

Each player must select 6 numbers on their ticket from a selection of the numbers 1-49. When the draw takes place, six numbers are selected along with one bonus number. Due to the relative small payout percentage, we do not recommend this lottery. There are plenty other international lottery games available online with better payouts and higher jackpots.

Winning the UK Lottery

You must match a minimum of three numbers to the main numbers drawn in order to win a prize. The bonus number is only relevant if you match at least five of the main numbers in the draw.

UK LotteryIt is simple to claim your winnings. If you win up to £500 you will be paid directly to your National Lottery Account. For wins of £501 to £5,000, you will be paid directly into your debit card. For wins of more than £5,000 you will need to call the National Lottery Customer Care Team and you will then be paid by check.

Approximately 45% of all UK lotto funds go towards prize money. If you match six of the main numbers, you will be paid out 52% of the pool’s fund; if you match five main numbers, plus the bonus number you will be paid out 16% of the remaining pool’s fund; if you match five main numbers you will be paid out 10% of the remaining pool’s fund; if you match four main numbers you will be paid out 22% of the remaining pool’s fund and if you match 3 main numbers you will generally be paid out £10. The UK Lotto also offers online instant win games.

Playing the UK Lottery Online

You are able to play the UK Lotto online which makes it more accessible and convenient. You no longer have to go out to buy a UK lotto ticket from a retailer; you can now buy tickets from the comfort of your own home.

In order to play the UK lotto online, you will need to open a National Lottery Account. You simply need to complete an online pay slip and you will be prompted to open the account. To make your UK lotto experience even more convenient, you are able to play by direct debit. Just select how many weeks you want to play for and you will be automatically debited for the tickets. And if you want to buy a ticket on the run, you can now enter the UK lotto by text!

Why most international lottery jackpots are more attractive than the UK Lottery

  • The jackpots are much higher with the international lotteries (check the amounts in the column on the right
  • UK Lotto only hands out only 45% of the funds as winnings
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