Comparison of Online Lotto Websites

List of online lotto ticket providers

Playing various lotteries from countries other than your own has become extremely popular in the past years. Every time the media report a huge lotto jackpot somewhere in the World, people want to jump on the bandwagon and play that lottery, hoping to get lucky and crack the jackpot.

Because of this, a number of websites have emerged lately, offering an online lottery ticket service. Basically, they all do the same thing, but there are huge differences between them. That means, a comparison of the different companies is what you need to decide where you should be ordering your lottery ticket.

As you may have noticed, we recommend RedFoxLotto on our website here – they were the first company that came up with the idea of selling cross-border lottery tickets online. Follow this link to visit RedFoxLotto, the most trustworthy provider of lotto tickets for any country in the World.

Our comparison of the various companies is based on the following criteria:

  • Trustworthyness – do they really buy legitimate lotto tickets, or are they just pretending to do so by simply piggy-backing on the real lottery?
  • Speed of delivery – you should get your lottery ticket at most 24-48 hours after purchase
  • Price per ticket – of course you pay more than the ticket would cost in the country of the lottery, but does the lotto service overcharge you for getting the ticket and delivering it to you?
  • Secure handling of customer data and payment information – well, this one is a no-brainer I guess (but all services we tested are pretty good when it comes to this aspect)
  • Quality and speed of customer service

RedFoxLotto wins the comparison

First off, the only companies we really trust when it comes to buying real tickets are RedFoxLotto and Wintrillions. Why? Because they were the only ones who, in January 2016, when the record-breaking $1,5 Billion jackpot was on, actually did stop selling lotto tickets because they were so overwhelmed by the demand that they could not buy them fast enough.

Our favorite is RedFoxLotto because of the fact that the price they are asking per ticket is reasonable, considering the overheads involved with sending an agent to a lotto shop, buying the ticket, then scanning every ticket and emailing it to the customer. Wintrillions is second best – their ticket price is definitely too high.

Both usually deliver the ticket within 24 hours, and in case you run into a problem, their customer support is easy to reach and able to handle any problem.

Comparing the various online lotto service – Overview

Name of website            Link Price Powerball ticket Trust factor Delivery speed Support
RedFoxLotto   click here to visit 5,00 €  10/10 24 hrs excellent
Wintrillions   click here to visit 10,00 $  10/10 24-48 hrs excellent not recommended 7,00 €  5/10 48 hrs good
Lottoland not recommended 6,00 €  5/10 48 hrs good