Playing the Irish Lotto online

One of the most popular lotteries of Europe, the Irish Lotto was established in 1988 by replacing the ages old Irish lottery – Irish Hospital Sweepstakes. The monies generated and earned by Irish Lotto are used for public welfare through the offices of the National lottery fund of Ireland. Irish lotto is not limited to just lottery and NLFI makes sure that there is a lot of fun and excitement by including simple scratch cards, television bingo, lotto drawings and a television show by the name of “Millionaire Raffle”.

The only problem is that, previously, if you were not living in Ireland, you could not play! But this is now a thing of the past. Using RedFoxLotto to play the Irish lotto online makes sure that the safety and security of your transactions are doubled. Try RedFoxLotto today and make sure that your get your Irish lotto online ticket with ease and from the comfort of your couch.

How to play the Irish lotto online

Although the Irish lotto online is highly popular and one of the most followed in Europe, the jackpots and rewards are quite modest since it offers much better odds than most other lotteries. The guaranteed base jackpot at the Irish lotto online is only 2 million Euros and it has been sent that it easily goes over 10 million Euros on a carry forward basis. Winning big is easy at Irish lotto online since the numbers to choose from are only 45. You will have to choose your lucky 6 numbers from them to participate.

There is also a bonus ball that can decide the second line of prizes at Irish lotto online. Prizes are also available for participants who match 3, 4 or 5 numbers. So the prizes galore awaits your participation. Log into your RedFoxLotto account or create a new one today and proceed to play the Irish Lotto online.

You need to be above 18 years of age to purchase a ticket to the Irish lotto online and you do not need to be a resident of Ireland to do so.

Why play the Irish lotto online

The best part of playing the Irish lotto online is that the odds are not many as compared to other lotteries (the numbers are only 45 compared to 49 in most other lotteries). The second most important reason is that you are a member of RedFoxLotto. At RedFoxLotto, you will get all information, tips and help on choosing your lucky numbers and you will also get an amazing logistical help that will deliver your tickets, claim the prizes on your behalf and even make sure that the prizes are delivered irrespective of where your stay on the planet.

Plus, at RedFoxLotto you have the choice to play ALL the big lotto games, with the amazing jackpots of up to $150 Million and higher.

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