German Lotto

German Lotto online – An overview

Lotto in Germany is over 5 decades old and the German lotto online is organized and managed by The Deutscher Lotto and Toto Block. With a twice-weekly draw on Wednesday and Saturday, the German lotto online comes with one of the largest European jackpots, more often than not. So, there is every reason for you to play the German lotto with an online ticket if you are not in the geographical area.

If you do not live in Germany, then your only option to play the German lotto online is with RedFoxLotto. Once you are a member of RedFoxLotto, you can get all relevant information pertaining to the German lotto online. That includes old results, a lottery numbers generator and the area to purchase the ticket from. They will even help you claim and deliver the prize.

How the German lotto online works

German lotto online

All you need to do is to purchase a ticket to the German lotto online by selecting 6 numbers from a group of 49. You will also have an option to choose an additional number and a super number between 1 and 10. The main draw is for the base numbers and subsequently a draw is made for the additional number you have purchased. The next draw will be for the super number. When the base numbers and the additional number match, you win the first reward prize. The jackpot is awarded when the 6 base numbers and the super number match the draw.

People from outside Germany are also allowed to play the German lotto online. At RedFoxLotto you can make use of this opportunity to try your luck and leave the rest of the logistics to us. You need to be above 18 years of age to play the German lotto with an online ticket.

Winning the German lotto online

Winning the German lotto online is a matter of chance, but so is any other lottery. RedFoxLotto will enhance your chances of winning the German lotto online by the use of its lottery numbers generator and the past results that be seen while you select your lucky number. All relevant information regarding the German lotto online is available there and you can use it to the fullest to enhance your chances.

The German lotto online is not only one of the biggest jackpots in Europe, it is also the most organized lottery in the world and is run very professionally. When you play German lotto online and if you win, RedFoxLotto will help you claim your prize without any difficulty and make sure that the prize amount is delivered to you without any hitch.

Although the German lotto online is one of the oldest lotteries in Europe, it is not as popular as the others. The reason is that it is not publicized as much outside of Germany. Anyway, this is no reason for not playing the German lotto online. Try your luck at the lotto in Germany today.