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In the United States, there are 43 states, plus the District of Columbia, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico that run lotteries. There are state lotteries in each of these areas that fall under the category of Lotto USA. Some of the major Lotto USA lotteries to be run are the Mega Millions and the Powerball. These are massive lotteries that are available to residents from all over the US and now, players from abroad can participate online through the service of RedFoxLotto.

Mega Millions Lotto USA

Mega Millions is a Lotto USA lottery in that is run in the US and is, in fact, drawn in Atlanta, Georgia. Despite this, Mega Millions has no residency requirement meaning that residents of non-Mega Million states and even non-US residents can take part in and win the Mega Millions Lotto USA.
In order to play the Mega Million Lotto USA, you must be 18 years or older. You must pick 6 numbers – five numbers between 1 and 56 and one Mega Ball number between 1 and 46. You are able to make use of the Quick Pick option which will randomly select the numbers for you.
The Mega Million Lotto USA game offers cash prizes, as well as a jackpot prize. The life-changing jackpot has been known to go into the hundreds of millions of dollars, making it highly popular.

Powerball Lotto USA

Another very popular Lotto USA game is the Powerball. The Powerball is drawn in Universal Studios in Florida, USA, but it has a non-residency requirement meaning that residents of non-Powerball states and even non-USA residents are eligible to take part in this Lotto USA game.
In order to be eligible to play the Powerball, players must be at least 18 years of age. Players need to select six numbers – five numbers between 1 and 59 and one powerball number between 1 and 39. Players are able to make use of the Quick Pick function which will randomly select 6 numbers for you.
Powerball jackpots are typically in the tens of millions of dollars, although they have gone over $100 million.

NASPL - USA Lotto Association

The North American Association of State and Provincial lotteries (NASPL) represents all of the US state lotteries and provincial lotteries and Canadian lotteries. Lotto USA is operated more effectively through NASPL. It acts as an interface for Lotto USA, provides information, carries out research and development, ensures security and trains Lotto USA staff. All of the major USA lotteries are members of NASPL.

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