The California Super Lotto online

Have you ever won a lottery online? If not, then do you follow any lotteries and their results. Which American lottery has one of the highest starting jackpots? The California Super lotto online starts with a jackpot of $7 million, unbelievable but true… are you game for the mega win of your life?

What if you not a resident of California? Is it probable that you will travel to California from your country of residence to buy a ticket to the California super lotto online? Improbable..! But, if you are really interested, there is another way. You can play online.

Join RedFoxLotto today to play the California Super Lotto Online or for that matter any other lottery across the world. I know, there are questions..! Yes, with RedFoxLotto you can select your own numbers and they will also purchase the ticket on your behalf and send it to you. They will also help you with results and the collection of prize money.

Another version of California Super Lotto Online, the Super Lotto Plus has 9 ways to win a prize, which means that your chances are enhanced 9 times. With heavy odds stacked against you as in any lottery, which state lottery offers 9 ways to win, none other than the California Super Lotto Online.

How to play the California Super Lotto Online

You will need to purchase a ticket first by selecting 5 numbers in a group of 47. You can also select an additional mega number from a group of 27 numbers. You will be issued with a play slip and if you are not keen on choosing numbers, you can choose the Quick Pick option which will tell the computer to generate random numbers for you. You have the option to select the 5 numbers by random or only the mega number or both.

Once you receive your scanned ticket from RedFoxLotto, keep it safely. It will be required when you claim your prize.

The draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday nights and all you need to do now is to wait for the draw. If you match all or any of the 5 numbers you choose, you are eligible for a prize. You are eligible even if you match only the mega number.  The prizes you win will depend on the number of matches you get.

For more information and tickets, RedFoxLotto is always there to help. If you need any information, tips, advice or any logistical support to win the California Super Lotto Online, all you need to do is to register and login at RedFoxLotto.

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