The sizzling Hot Lotto online

Hot Lotto online is one of the hottest lotteries in America and is available offline for residents of Delaware, District of Columbia, Kansas, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Minnesota,  New Hampshire, Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, West Virginia and Vermont.

RedFoxLotto offers a chance to play the Hot Lotto online to everyone, no matter which country their residence is in. You only have to be above 18 years of age to buy a ticket for hot lotto online .

How to play Hot Lotto online

If you do not live in the above areas but still want to play Hot lotto, the only option would be to do it online via the service of RedFoxLotto. RedFoxLotto not only helps you to get your tickets for your favorite lottos and jackpots, it also provides information for you to choose your numbers with care thus enhancing your chances of winning.

To play Hot lotto online, all you need to do is to select 5 white numbers (1 to 39) and an orange number “Hot ball” (1 to 19). Additionally, you can let the computer pick the numbers for you at random. With Wednesday and Saturday draws, Hot lotto online draws 5 + 1 numbers.

If you match the five white numbers and the hot ball, you hit the jackpot (begins at $1 million and rises when it is not claimed). All other numbers matched also carry cash prizes. The prize is paid in annualized installments paid over 24 years (25 payments) or as a one time cash prize (adjusted to present value).

The overall odds of winning at Hot lotto online is 1 to 16 and going by the lottery numbers, they are exceptionally good odds to have. Which lottery or lotto in the world gives you such optimistic odds, none..! So, Buy ticket for Hot Lotto online today at RedFoxLotto and become a sure-fire winner. This decision could change your future so consider it carefully.

Why play Hot lotto online

With RedFoxLotto at your side, you can further enhance your chances of winning big at lotto online. Where else can you choose between more than 15 of the World's best jackpots? You can decide to play the lotto that offers the highest jackpot to date, or the next to be drawn. When you decide to buy a ticket for Hot Lotto online, visit RedFoxLotto and do some research before you select your lucky numbers.

Lottery has always been a game of chance and in such games the odds against the player are heavy. With so much going, it is time you tried your luck with lesser odds, as Hot Lotto online comes with the minimum odds possible compared to other lotteries.

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