NY Lottery Overview

The motto of the NY Lottery- the New York Lottery – is "raising billions to educate millions." Prior to 1967, the lotteries in New York were used to raise money for non-educational needs, such as city maintenance and building. In late 1966 a referendum was passed that resulted in all revenue from the New York Lottery from 1967 onwards to go toward education. This continues to today.

Games in the NY Lottery

There are a number of games available in the NY Lottery. These include Mega Millions, Powerball, Sweet Million, New York Lotto, Take 5, Numbers, Win 4, Quick Draw and Pick 10. Some of these are jackpot games that offer massive prizes in the tens of millions of dollars and others are daily prizes that offer smaller prizes.

Playing the NY Lottery Online

It is possible to play the NY Lottery online. Online lottery games are becoming more popular and it is now possible to find lottery games from all over the world by using one Internet site. This means that you can now play the New York Lottery without having to go out and buy a ticket from a local lottery retailer. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and enter the New York Lottery online. Simply click here, choose the NY Lottery game you want to play, how many tickets you want, select your numbers and pay for the ticket using the payment options that are available.

Winning the NY LotteryNY Lottery online

All players of the NY Lottery must be aged 18 or older in order to be eligible to play. If you win a prize that is $600 or less, you can claim your prize at any licensed New York Lottery retail location around the state. If you win a prize between $601 and $500,000, you can claim your prize at one of 15 Lottery Regional Customer Services Centers around the state. For winnings of more than $500,000, you must claim your prize at a Regional Customer Service Center, but you will be paid your prize by the Prize Payment Unit in Schenectady. If you buy a ticket for the NY Lottery online, you will need to contact their customer service center for information on how to claim prizes. Taxes may be withheld from your winnings, but this will depend on the total amount of your winnings for the lottery you have played, as well as the winner's place of residence.
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