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Euromillions Lottery OnlineEuromillions is a lottery that is being held in several European countries like France, the UK, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. The Euromillions Online lottery jackpot starts out with an amount of €15 million and the record jackpot stands at €120 million.

To play the Euromillions jackpot lottery you have to be at least 18 years of age, but you can play it from any country of the world, using the service of RedFoxLotto. What RedFoxLotto offers is quite unique in the sense that it gives everyone across the countries of Ireland, United Kingdom, Austria, France, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and Spain an opportunity to play and win the jackpot online. By providing a lucky dip option, it is easier to select random numbers instead of putting pressure on your very own grey cells.

How to buy your ticket for the Euromillions jackpot

Buying tickets for the Euromillions online lottery jackpot can be made less tedious through RedFoxLotto. One you register with the site and get verified, you will only need to select your lottery and make the requisite payment. Once this is done, a lottery ticket is purchased on your behalf and shipped to you through your selected means.

Moreover if you are interested to keep playing Euromillions online jackpot for some time you can select your numbers or randomize them and your will keep receiving your tickets at the right times. Thus you can enter multiple draws but you will only need to pay once every few weeks.

How the Euromillions lottery online jackpot works

You have to pick five numbers between 1 and 50 plus 2 additional Lucky Star numbers (between 1 and 9) to win the jackpot. The Euromillions jackpot draw takes place on every Friday evening, and aside from the jackpot there are 11 levels of prizes. The odds of winning at least one prize are one in 24.

Checking the results

You can check the results online at any point of time once the draw is over. In fact you can use your ipad, iPhone or any such device to keep on top of things and once you are lucky to win a prize or the Euromillions lottery online jackpot, RedFoxLotto will also help you claim the prize and make sure that it is delivered to you.

The Euromillions lottery online jackpot

The Euromillions jackpot was initially launched on 7th February 2004 and held its first draw in Paris on 13th February 2004. The most notable jackpot win was in one of the recent draws (12th July 2011), and amount of €185,000,000 that was pocketed by Colin and Chris Weir of Glasgow (UK).

The Euromillions Lottery online jackpot has not been without its own share of scandals mainly that showed up in Belgium in 2009. However, they have been without any subsistent reasoning and have since been quelled. So it is time that you tried your luck at one of the largest monetary offerings ever.